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Grammar Quicklinks

Grammar has rules…and exceptions. Both the rules and the exceptions are fluid based on context and medium. But the basics are still the basics.

If your student needs some instruction or refreshing on basic grammar and composition whys and wherefores, you can find these free grammar and punctuation lessons via the links below. A few clicks could literally save you HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars over the course of your child’s education. How is that possible? Simple. Countless instructors and teachers at every level of education have created incredible grammar and punctuation databases where you can search every single concept you or your child will ever need with only a few quick clicks.

The most popular online grammar service, which we prefer for upper level grammar questions, is produced by Purdue University. It’s called the OWL, and you can access various topics at these links:

Writing in the Associated Press (AP) style

Active and passive voice

Learn to paraphrase

Research papers

Book reports

Writing essays

Bibliography pages

Beginner creative writing

Why grammar matters

Now, here are a few more spots online where you can find excellent FREE or low cost resources to help you understand and teach proper grammar and punctuation. Many of these worksheets are free. Some require a small annual membership.

Parts of speech worksheets (There are some good math worksheets here too)

Verb worksheets

Phonics for developing readers

Age-related reading worksheets  (though we strongly encourage sharing real books)


And more FREE grammar tools

Grammar Up – A free grammar app for Mac products. Correct your work on the go.

Grammar Monster – A little silly but offers quality content including common grammar errors, easily confused words and parts of speech.

Daily Grammar – Free, daily updated grammar lessons developed by a veteran teacher. There is a book available for purchase.


More Recommended Resources For Writers

Okay, now that you have some excellent free links, here are a few recommended writing resources you should definitely have in your library.


And here are a few you might want to consider based on your writing goals.




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