Why Romeike is important to your parental rights (video)



This is an excellently balanced perspective on parental rights and homeschooling.

If you have any interest in civil rights and personal freedom, you need to watch this video. The German high court has said that their people have an interest in “stamping out parallel societies” and “integrating all minorities.” They are not talking about race here, folks. They are talking about thoughts. Integrating ALL thoughts and stamping out any dissent.

The US high court has said parents have a fundamental right to control the education of their children. Attorney General Eric Holder publicly disagreed, and he did so in a statement justifying a reversal of a previously granted asylum order. 



I'm a storyteller. Fortunately, that is also what I get paid to do. Born on a boat and bred on the back of a horse I tend to see the world a bit differently ... and I sway when I walk.

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