This “Conservative” website is lying to you about Carrie Underwood


Crossover superstar Carrie Underwood has a new single out. And the guerilla PR campaign to promote the song is the subject of this week’s Lie From The Internet, brought to you, in part, by Conservative Tribune. No, I won’t post the link because I don’t want to give those reprobates the clicks. Here’s the gist:

Carrie’s new song addresses elements of her Christian faith … just like that other song. You remember, her first massive hit? The one that made her a household name? Yeah, that’s the one.

So, apparently, the bridge trolls at Conservative Tribune decided to invent some “angry atheists” who are “outraged” at Carrie’s new tune. Only one problem. There aren’t any. Sure, there are some folks – of many faiths or none – who won’t buy the record. They may even change the station because, for whatever reason, they don’t like the song. But there is absolutely no evidence that anyone who isn’t a Carrie fan cares one way or another. Though there is ample evidence to the contrary.

But here’s the thing… these profiteering bottom feeders know that “atheist” is a keyword that will get people clicking. It’s a trigger term for both conservatives and liberals. Like “gun control” and “abortion” and “minimum wage.”

Sites like these are desperate to incite half-baked freshman-year-at-bible-college apologetics debates because they KNOW people will keep coming back … and they will share and share and share and share. The more people post, the more these companies can mine their information and sell it to advertisers and data compilers.

Worse, this sort of stuff is making us – all of us – sick. As a society, we are suffering from these lies. All you need to do is spend five seconds reading the comments on the “Carrie Underwood” story (please don’t) and you can see how a simple (and entirely false) implication can push people off the rails.

Because of this fake story tens if not hundreds of thousands of people left for work a little bit angrier, a little bit more hostile. Maybe you ran into them on the road this morning … or in car line at your kid’s school … or in that meeting when just five seconds of their time would have made the difference in your project.

In a world where a quick glance at your phone can make you chuckle or completely sidetrack your day, it’s vital that we point out this evil … if only so someone else can avoid it.

Because if we don’t – avoid it, that is – it will just get worse. Sites like these have zero commitment to honest journalism. They are nothing more than profit machines for Internet marketers and data leeches. It’s a complicated and all-encompassing machine, based on principles you can learn in a weekend webinar.

But as complex as the problem is, the solution is incredibly simple. Just like any merry-go-round, all you have to do it get off. Don’t click the salacious headlines and never share content from a site that could turn a stranger into an enemy.

These sites are asking you to spread hate by accident. I’m asking you to do good on purpose.




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