Heartwarming Publix holiday commercials


While the Florida based grocery chain once again wowed consumers with its Christmas magic, they had some stiff competition this season.

Story by E. Adam Porter


For many retailers, Christmas marketing is a minefield of nuance, dancing between appropriate and cliché or sacred and profane. December sales will put them in the “black” for the year, so they need to reach the most people possible. But nothing ruins a good shopping buzz like a commercial that offends or, worse, leans too far into the crass commercialism zone.

Some companies just give up and create faux-holiday yuckfests. Others manage cute while also keeping the messaged centered on our collective “need” to buy stuff. A few go for cheap giggles. Some work on the premise of the inside joke and elicit a grin. 

Then there’s Publix.

With a respectful tip of the Christmas top hat to WestJet for their phenomenal Christmas commercial, and to Kohl’s for their touching scene, this year’s award goes, once again, to Publix, for sheer consistency. They have been creating tear-jerking, grin-inducing, heartwarming holiday ads for more than a decade.

Grab some tissues and enjoy.


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Holiday Surprise

Merry Christmas!


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