From Septic Tank Man to Country Star


Tommy Brandt on why he feels “privileged” to sing for you

Story by Robyn Pliscott, photos by Roberta Pliscott


There’s only one man I know of that can bring people to Christ through a song about poop. Yeah, you read that right. Tommy Brandt’s “Septic Tank Song” became an instant hit after its initial release as a serial radio commercial for a friend’s company. Brandt re-recorded the complete song, and it topped the charts.



Since then, Brandt has released five albums, and is planning to drop his sixth this spring. Brandt describes himself as “country as cornbread,” though I would call him a down-home family man. Brandt is currently touring Florida with his wife, Michelle, and his son, Tommy Brandt II. He took some time off in December to spend Christmas with his family, and despite their busy life, Brandt says that he and his family still have holiday traditions.



If given the chance to stay at home, however, Brandt says that he would choose to be on the road. He sold a thriving business years ago so that he would be able to do what he does, “I don’t regret it at all. Singing is just a perk. Sharing the Word is a privilege.”


Even though he enjoys playing for fellow Christians, Brandt has played for bigger crowds. His biggest crowd was 160,000 people at the Country Stampede a few years ago. Titan Stadium was another major performance, and one he says he’ll remember for a while. He told me that even before his music career started, he loved Nashville as a home, and couldn’t resist the city’s magic. “I remember being a kid and telling my parents that I would be back in Nashville someday recording music.” He says that Nashville is a great place, and that if he could play anywhere he wanted, he would choose the New Grand Ole Opry.



Brandt’s singing career began almost by accident. He was running sound and lights for a band and was asked to fill in for the lead singer at the last minute. “They found out I could sing,” he remembered with a smile. Coming to the Lord soon after meeting his wife Michelle, Brandt left his first band and started his current ministry. Now his two children help him as well, with his daughter handling Facebook and other social media and his son, Tommy, playing guitar alongside his dad.


Brandt said his music will always have a strong message of hope and inspiration. It’s a release for him to write songs, and he says that it’s also a relief for him “to just be able to pour my heart out onto the paper.” Music, he told me, opens people’s hearts so that they can hear God’s voice. He admires several country artists, including Garth Brooks and Eric Church, who, he says, have influenced his stage performance and songwriting methods.



To aspiring musicians, Brandt offers this advice. “Be true to what you feel your calling is. God gives us all passions, and it’s important that we stay with them.” He says that music, as a career, is great as long as it’s done for the joy of performing, but that it can be taken out of proportion. If you’re only singing for the money or the fame, you may find out it’s not worth it. Brandt suggests people begin by asking God what His plans are for them.


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Reporter, Robyn Pliscott, writes news and media reviews for The Brandon Beacon.  


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