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Are you or your homeschooler interested in learning to properly play the piano? Then there’s no better place to begin than online for FREE! Hoffman Academy offers 80 free video piano lessons you can watch right now. Practice at your own pace and learn as you go. Even though the lessons are obviously geared toward younger students, adults can still learn techniques with their kids. You could be ready for a duet by Christmas!

Here’s a rundown of what your students (and you) can learn from Hoffman, in their own words:

“Our series of 60 free video piano lessons guide students, step-by-step, through each new song and concept. Designed for beginners with no prior experience, the lessons quickly enable students to play songs successfully, starting with the very first lesson. Piano instructor Joseph Hoffman is adept at making even the most tricky concepts simple, memorable, and fun. We’ve heard back from hundreds of parents and kids that they love Mr. Hoffman’s teaching style and creative, streamlined approach to learning piano. Each lesson is between 5 and 15 minutes—easy to fit in on any schedule, and the ideal length for keeping attention and focus high. Kids and adults alike love using technology to learn and the feeling of being able to control their own learning pace.”



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