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Equestrian ministry moving to greener pastures

By Robyn Pliscott


I used to tell people that I went to church in a barn. Now I tell them that I go to church at the Hillsborough Country Fairgrounds. This Sunday, the 19th of January, is Cowboy Up’s grand opening at their new location. The church was forced to relocate when the property they’d been meeting on faced repossession by the bank. An unexpected opportunity surfaced in the form of the county fairgrounds.

Skipper Calder of Cowboy UpSkipper Calder announced the move to the equestrian-themed ministry services last month. He said he was excited about changing locations because the Fairgrounds has a larger arena, several acres of ground for other activities, and a covered barn that can be used when the weather turns bad. The bleachers at the Fairgrounds seat over a thousand people, and plans are in motion to let people come and listen to the sermon on horseback instead of from the bleachers.

Grand Opening Sunday, January 19, 2014, is going to be an all-day event. Cowboy Up starts at 11 A.M., as it always does, and finishes between 12:30 and 1 P.M.

Following church, a barbecue is planned with drinks, finger foods, and desserts. Paul Daily, of Wild Horse Ministries, will start at 3 P.M. He will be meeting a horse for the first time, and auctioning the horse afterwards.

Skipper Calder, who has pastored Cowboy Up for several years, says that he hopes this Sunday will help the ministry to reach out to people who aren’t trusting of churches. Paul Daily’s presentation, and the barbecue preceding it, will be attended and endorsed by the church but will not be a part of the church itself.

The Hillsborough County Fairgrounds are located east of Brandon at the intersection of SR-60 and Sydney Washer Road.

Everyone who has an interest in horses, horse training, and horsemanship is encouraged to attend. Inquiries can be directed to Skipper Calder or Cowboy Up Ministries via Facebook.


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Reporter, Robyn Pliscott, writes news and media reviews for The Brandon Beacon.  


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