Civics and Critical Thinking Class Offered

Beacon - Critical thinking class

PLUS: Plant City Youth in Government Club Informational Meetings


Civics and Critical Thinking will be offered for 6th -12th grade students taught by Michelle Hanchett. Your student will be able to earn .5 credit in Civics and .5 credit in Critical Thinking. The class will be tied to the Plant City Youth in Government club with attendance at the state conferences a mandatory part of the class.

The class will be using high school level books, hands-on activities, videos, podcasts and real world applications to teach these concepts. The class will be learning such topics as: the Founders, the 3 Branches of Government, how to think through arguments and much more. Through the Youth In Government portion, the students will also learn how to draft legislation, debate effectively, how to stand up for their values and how to be leaders. At the Youth in Government conference, they will have a chance to act as real legislators, press, lobbyists or lawyers.

The class will be meeting on the second and fourth Mondays of each month in two locations You can choose from:

  • Seven Mountains (Homeschool Resource Center) from 1:30 pm-4:30 pm. Club time – 3pm-4:30pm
  • Plant City YMCA from 6pm-9pm. Club time 7:30pm-9pm.

Students are welcome to join the club without taking the class, but students in the class must be a part of the club.

Costs- $60 – state dues, club dues, copying costs
$200 – approximate conference fee
$150 – approximate cost of bus and hotel fee

The cost is the same whether you take the class or just join the club. I do not receive any money for teaching the class. It all goes to their state assembly costs. I am passionate about what the students learn in this program and feel God has called me to help raise up the next generation to understand these concepts. To receive emails with more information about this class, the parent meeting and fees, email Michelle Hanchett at




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