Bringing Home Dobby


By Jordyn Meck


Who doesn’t love puppies?  They’re cute little faces and playful personalities!  Recently, I was lucky enough to get a Chihuahua named “Dobby.”  He’s everything I could ever dream of, but before I got him, I sure did not understand the responsibility!

The first few days are amazing. You’re showing off your puppy, holding him and playing.  As the days go by, like anything else, it becomes “work” taking care of this puppy, feeding, grooming, potty training isn’t always easy along with basic training you have to do your part in order to get results, it’s a job! You have to have patience as if it was a child. 

Then of course there are wonderful things about having a puppy too!  Just imagine coming home to someone always excited to see you.  It is the best to feel loved like that.  Cuddling with your puppy and playing are the best things!  They are right a dog is “a man’s best friend!”

In the end the puppy is worth all the work for what you get in the end.  If you do it right you get a wonderful friend.  But, before you get a puppy make sure you are good and ready, remember it’s like a full time job … enjoyable, but you can never clock out.

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