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Monster Jam!


Don’t miss the repeat performance on February 1st

Six notes of heavy metal music boomed through the stadium’s speakers, and the crowd exploded. Beneath the stands, a low rumble built to a roar that almost drowned out the spectators’ excitement. A …

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Cowboy Up grand opening


Equestrian ministry moving to greener pastures
By Robyn Pliscott
I used to tell people that I went to church in a barn. Now I tell them that I go to church at the Hillsborough Country Fairgrounds. This Sunday, the 19th of January, …

Breakfast, lunch & hugs

  Tim Harris, an Albuquerque, NM restaurant owner who just happens to have Down syndrome, invites customers in for tasty food and a friendly hug. This story will inspire you to smile more, love more and DO more.

Writing Resources – Key materials for growing writers

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Grammar Quicklinks
Grammar has rules…and exceptions. Both the rules and the exceptions are fluid based on context and medium. But the basics are still the basics.
If your student needs some instruction or refreshing on basic grammar …

Out of this world art instruction – FOR FREE!

Your young artists will LOVE exploring Secret City

Growing up in the 70s and 80s kids were not exactly spoiled for choice when it came to TV programming. Fortunately, that scarcity also led to some quirky but quality television. Eclectic programs …

5 pocket sized travel tools


By E. Adam Porter
RVing with your family is a priceless way to make lifelong memories. But with more people comes more stuff. Tools, gadgets and paraphernalia of all shapes and sizes. Not to mention that baffling law of kid physics—the smaller they …

USAF Pave Hawk crashes in England, 4 Airmen killed

Bodies of US Airmen reportedly still at crash site
Sources on site say training mission may have succumbed to dangerous wind gusts
Sources with the USAF have confirmed that all four crewmembers were killed when their Pave Hawk helicopter crashed during a …

McClures: homeschooling was the best option for me

Two generations share lessons learned from a lifetime of home education
Story by Jordan Ryan
Patty McClure chose home education before her daughters, Kaity and Glory, were born. When she first began researching her options, the modern American homeschooling movement was still …

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