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The Problem with Common Core Standards (and what NOT to do about it)

Guest Correspondent, Rob Schaeffer
This article was originally published at Reprinted with express permission of the author.
What is happening in American public education right now is alarming.
That being said, the crisis/problems in public education did not suddenly develop with the introduction …

Why Romeike is important to your parental rights (video)


This is an excellently balanced perspective on parental rights and homeschooling.
If you have any interest in civil rights and personal freedom, you need to watch this video. The German high court has said that their people have an interest in …

Tribute to Debbie Strayer

Picture from (awesome homeschool magazine)
Content by Tina Farewell
Our dear friend, Debbie Strayer, danced into the arms of Jesus last weekend! 
After speaking at a homeschool convention in Alabama, Debbie and her husband Greg enjoyed dinner, then took a carriage ride …

Nik Wallenda walks the line

Seventh generation wire walker, Nik Wallenda, becomes the first – and only – person to cross the Little Colorado River Gorge on a wire. Watch this spectacular display of courage, skill, faith and poise below.

JG’s open new performing arts studio


The Joshua Generation Performing Arts Troupe is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their brand new studio at 328 W. Robertson St. in the heart of Brandon. 
Joshua Generation is a training and performance program for performing arts including dance, …

Is the bikini evolution a dignity devolution?

Jessica Rey and the ladies at Rey Swimwear are getting ready for summer…and they have a question you may want to talk about with your daughter.

For a terrific icebreaker to this important conversation about modesty, womanhood and grace, check out …

Justice Department to Respond to Romeike

Sixth Circuit Orders Justice Department to Respond to Romeike Rehearing
On Wednesday, June 12, the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ordered the Department of Justice to respond to the Home School Legal Defense Association’s request to have the case …

Because Science

Justin Phelps and Andrew Murray love science, and when you join them at Science Camp this summer you will learn to love it too. The four-day science camp will be held Tuesday through Friday, July 30 – August 2 in …

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